Hull and superstructure painting:-washing and cleaning the ship before starting jobs
– protection of boat parts which will not be painted
– old paint sanding and preparation for primer application
– primer application
– primer sanding
– washing and cleaning prior to topcoat application
– making tent for topcoat application
– application of topcoat with spray gun

Furniture varnishing:- polishing and cleaning after the jobs completeness
– preparing furniture for varnishing
– base coats application
– hand & machine grinding to desired quality
– staining of furniture in color by owner’s request
– polishing

Hull modeling and superstructure newbuilding:- application of primers on new steel or aluminum
– preparation guides for filler application
– filling with epoxy
– hand sanding to the desired shape of the ship
– application of thick layer of primer and sanding it

Hull underwater part painting:- hull underwater part preparation for antifouling application (sanding/grinding, washing, protection)
– antifouling application manually or airlessly on hull, shafts and propellers

Other activities:- scaffolding installation and dismantling
– sandblasting of small parts of the boat
– corrosion protection
– coatings application against osmosis on plastic boats
– workspace and tools cleaning
– assistance to locksmiths in haul out and launching boats